Monday, October 3, 2011

Kimberly Birthday - Mad Men themed party

To celebrate her birthday, Kimberly threw a Mad Men themed party.  All I can say is WOW because she really knows how to throw a great party.  She didn't miss any details - the venue choice, the cigarette girl, the martinis, and, of course, the crooner.  To ensure the photos continue the theme, the whole set has been processed in black and white.  Mad Men, which is one of my favorite shows, is set in the early 1960's.  Back then, color photos were available, but they were not as common because they were still too expensive. 

Click here to see the complete set.
And here is the photographer.  I also came in costume.  Too bad I don't have an old camera.


  1. Superb mad men themed party. I am just so pleased that everyone enjoyed it. We also would be hosting a grand event for our dad’s birthday celebrations and have just booked one of the prettiest LA venues for this wine and food tasting themed bash.